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Does nylon have elasticity? Characteristics of nylon fabric

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Consumers should be familiar with nylon, because nylon clothing is often seen by us in our daily life. In Chinese, we also call nylon as“jin lun”, the nylon fabric was created by a research group in the United States, according to the understanding, nylon is the world's first synthetic fiber. Since the introduction of nylon fabric, it has brought unprecedented changes to the world and has made a great contribution to solving the needs of consumers. People are often concerned about the elasticity of nylon is good or not. Today let's learn about the elasticity of nylon together.


Nylon is also called polyamide, it is a high elasticity fiber second only to elastane, itself has elasticity, the elasticity of nylon FDY is comparable to that of polyester high-elasticity yarn. Polyamide fiber is the nylon pulled into a very fine fiber, this fabric has high strength, extremely wear-resistant, good elasticity, is one of the best fabrics for making pure textile clothing and mixed textile clothing, especially suitable for making jacket clothing, hiking clothing, etc.

Because nylon is made of chemical fibers, this fabric has a certain degree of resilience, but under the action of external forces easily deformed and wrinkled, which requires special attention in the daily wear to protect the clothing containing nylon components, do not let it be hit by external forces.

v2-2f7d6abb91da82bf9e3064428235f9c5_rThe above is the knowledge about the elasticity of nylon fabric, as we can see that although nylon itself has elasticity, the fabric made of nylon also has a certain degree of resilience, but is not the biggest advantage of nylon fabric. The advantages of nylon fabric are high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, outstanding fatigue resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, good electrical insulation, light weight of the parts, easy to dye, easy to shape. Because of its incomparable advantages, nylon has become the first choice of military fabrics. It is also the best choice for sportswear, swimwear, bodysuits, down jackets, mountain climbing clothing and decorative products. It is also widely used in industry, such as cord fabric, transmission belt, hose, rope, fishing net, tire, parachute, etc.


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