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Fabric that emits the color of gold - Golden Spider Silk

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A piece of clothing, what makes it a good garment, is closely related to many aspects. The first and most important is the cut of the garment, the second is the fabric of the garment. To mention the fabric, we can recall many luxury and expensive fabric names, including cashmere, etc. But you know what? The world's most expensive fabric is actually made of spider silk. This fabric is woven with Golden silk orb-weaver silk, a fabric requires the collection of 1.2 million spider silk, is truly the "world's most precious fabric", like gold with a beautiful luster.


The silk of the Golden Silk Spider is golden yellow, with excellent texture and luster. However, it is not easy to obtain the silk of the Golden Silk Spider, because the spider cannot be commercially farmed, and must be collected manually in the highlands of Madagascar to collect the silk of the spider in the wild, and wait for 30 minutes after the silk is generated before harvesting, until the collection of 1.2 million spider silk, then the subsequent weaving action can be carried out.


In 2004, textile designer Simon Peers was attracted to the golden spider silk, he referred to the 19th century when the French missionaries in Madagascar with the record of spider silk production of fabric, reproduced the extraction of spider silk machine, and cooperate with entrepreneur Nicholas Godley to form a team, spent five years to collect 1.2 million spider silk, weaving into a beautiful golden spider silk shawl, which cost a total of 300,000 pounds, after the exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History immediately caused a buzz.


In 2012, Simon Peers' team wove an even larger golden spider silk shawl, which is displayed as a work of art at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Although at present only in the museum to see this gold spider silk woven fabric, however, with the continuous progress of technology, this beautiful fabric may one day be more popular is not impossible.

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