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How to identify the used nylon material?

Time : 2022-06-21 Hits : 28

Nylon has good mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical solvent resistance, self-lubrication and certain flame retardancy, and is widely used in automobiles, electronic appliances, machinery, rail transportation, sports equipment and other fields.


Among the many nylon materials, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are widely used. Currently, these two nylon materials are derived from non-renewable resources such as petroleum. With the increasing scarcity of global petroleum resources, bio-based nylon materials derived from renewable resources have received a lot of attention from researchers, enterprises and the market. Therefore, some manufacturers recycle used nylon material to save cost and pass it off as brand new material. So how to identify the used nylon material easily?


1. First look at the luster, the material is poor, it will be poor luster.

2. Then look at the cut surface. The cut surface is not uniform, and such ingredients will be poor.

3. Look at the surface forming, if the surface is uneven after forming, it is poor material.

4. After burning and extinguishing, smell the flavor. If the difference is too far from the new material, the material quality is also far from the new material.

5. Whether it can be drawn, no way to draw is poor material.


In fact, no matter which kind of nylon material you buy, it is the same. First of all, we should be clear about the characteristics of each kind of nylon raw material, of which it is best to look for manufacturers who have samples to send in advance, so that there is a lot of insurance.

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