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what is the finishing technology of fabrics?

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Zhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.believes that many people have heard of the finishing technology of fabrics, but what is the finishing technology of fabrics? letZhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. introduce it today.


The finishing technology of fabric is to give the fabric to color effect, form effect (glossy, suede, brace, etc.) and the actual effect (impermeable, anti-felting, no-ironing, anti-moth, flame resistance, etc.) of the technical treatment, fabric finishing is through the chemical or physical methods to improve the appearance and feel of the fabric, enhance the use of performance or give special function of the process, is the textile " icing on the cake" process.

Finishing methods can be divided into physical / mechanical finishing and chemical finishing two categories, according to the purpose of finishing and the effect of the different, can be divided into basic finishing, appearance finishing and functional finishing.

Finishing technology for different purposes:

1. To make the textile width neat and uniform, stable in size and form. Such as (stretched) width, mechanical or chemical shrinkage prevention, wrinkle prevention and heat setting, etc.

2. Improve the appearance of textiles: including improving the luster and whiteness of textiles, enhancing or weakening the surface lint of textiles. Such as whitening, calendering, schreinering, sueding, shearing and milling, etc.


3. Improve the hand feeling of textiles: mainly using chemical or mechanical methods to make textiles obtain comprehensive touch sensations such as softness, smoothness, fullness, stiffness, lightness or thickness.


4. Improve the durability of textiles: mainly using chemical methods to prevent damage or erosion of fibers by sunlight, atmosphere or microorganisms, etc., and prolong the service life of textiles. Such as anti-moth, anti-mildew finishing, etc.

5. Give textiles special properties: including making textiles with certain protective properties or other special functions. Such as flame retardant, antibacterial, water repellent, oil repellent, UV protection and anti-static,etc.


The development of fabric finishing technology towards product functionalization, differentiation, high-grade, processing technology diversification, depth direction, and emphasize the improvement of product performance, increase the added value of the product.

In recent years,the industry has been introducing various new technologies from other technical fields to improve the processing depth and obtain good finishing products. With the concern for environmental pollution and damage, more and more attention to health, advocating a "low-carbon" economy, finishing technology requires environmentally friendly "green" processing, the production of "clean", "low-carbon" textile products.


Finishing techniques include the following ways:

1. Pre-Shrinking

2. Stentering

3. Starching

4. Heat setting

5. Whitening

6. CalenderingSchreinering

7. Sueding

8. Fuzzing

9. Shearing

10.   SofteningFinishing

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