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What is the most appropriate fabric for men to wear in the changeover period between spring and summer?

Time : 2022-06-05 Hits : 13

The turn of spring and summer is the most embarrassing time for men, unlike women who are so carefully selected for dressing up. At this time, the weather is not very cold and not hot enough, so most straight men don’t know how to wear it, some people go out directly in their suits, shivering in cold in the morning, and feeling hot at noon. In fact, the mistake is not that you wear a suit out, but that you did not choose the right fabric material.


Cool linen material

The linen material is cool to the touch, and breathable, with the characteristics of rapid sweat absorption and evaporation, at noon when the jacket is taken off wearing linen clothing is cool. At the same time, most linen products are rough, informal, and casual, so the matching materials should not be too constrained. You can wear thin dress pants, because of their airy characteristics, which can be matched with linen shirts to achieve both cool and decent.


Comfortable cotton material

The breathability of cotton is second only to linen, soft to the touch, and easy to absorb sweat. However, the biggest problem with cotton clothes is that they are too common because too many people wear them, so it's hard to stand out from others. Here Zhejiang Dingyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. suggests that you can try the following collocation patterns:1. Business shirt with suspenders;2. Business shirt with low-waisted jeans.,c_zoom,w_640_upload_20170405_d1d7e9f837f14bd3bcf0974417ef6c53_th&

Man-made fiber

Man-made fiber is affordable, windproof, quick-drying, not easy to wrinkle, and strong toughness and the clothes made from it are easy to take care of and do not need ironing, it is perfect for lazy straight men. But be aware that those clothes are often lined with polyester: the outer layer is breathable, but the inner layer blocks the wind, and in the end, you just look cool! It's good to wear during the change of season, but in the really hot summer months, it's a very bad choice.



In fact, as long as you choose the right fabric, then the spring and summer change of season dressing problems for you are not a problem. But remember that cotton and linen fabrics are suitable for most of the spring and summer, while the choice of fiber fabrics still has to be considered according to your actual situation. Learn to choose the right spring and summer fabrics to match your own, to truly become a master dresser

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