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Dressed this way this fall, interesting、high class and elegant

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The textured gray that has been popular in the fashion world for several years is back in the public eye this season with its calm elegance and high class fun.

This year's fall and winter is still hot this gray, because the tone is neutral, can better complement the Asian women's temperament, so we affectionately call it Neutral Gray.



Although only two words, neutral gray contains a wealth of colors, andit is one of the gray tones neither warm, nor cold.

Between black and white, it explains to us its versatile neutral properties.



As a synonym for elegance, neutral gray has always been the mainstay of autumn and winter dressing, but also with a unique temperament.

The actual fact is that, in some occasions, grey always leaves a solemn and solemn impression and often appears in some very formal occasions.

The neutral gray as a brightness is not high and not too eye-catching color, is the kind of wear a good match or become very textured, quite low-key aristocratic atmosphere, very approachable.



Neutral Gray is the most standard color of all neutral colors, it seems to be given endless love by neutral colors.

Every look at street photography wear gray is really a must-have single product for hipsters, wear immediately handsome full.

This year's neutral gray comes with a sense of sophistication, no longer limited to the same color with the whole body gray tone, from the show and street photography, you can see that it began to gradually accept other shades, with many shades together to show its unique charm.

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